Announcing Your Heart Failure Accreditation

Sample news release for a Heart Failure Accreditation.

Sample news release for an Advanced Heart Failure Accreditation.


Heart Failure Accreditation Seals (effective January 2017)

Beginning with Heart Failure v3, there are two Accreditation seals. A facility may only display the seal that it has earned after completing the accreditation application process and being officially granted accreditation. The color that distinguishes this seal from other ACC accreditation seals is a vertical band of Pantone 368 (green). This seal also uses Pantone 295 (blue).

HF seal   HF Advanced seal

If, once you have achieved accreditation, you require print or screen versions of any accreditation seal, or for other questions about use of the seals, please contact


Guidelines for Use of ACC Accreditation Services Seals

Only hospitals and facilities that are currently accredited by ACC are entitled to display our seals and to announce their accreditation status.

By adhering to the standardized use of our accreditation seals, you will help ensure the proper display of these valuable and visually powerful communications tools. Artwork for accreditation seals is supplied in the Accreditation Marketing Kit that is sent within three weeks of your official notice of accreditation.

Minimum size for reproduction of seals is two inches in height. Seals may be reproduced in black and white, but only when use of ink colors are restricted or the use of the primary Pantone color noted for each seal below creates a design conflict.


Marketing Your ACC Accreditation

We invite the facilities that we work with to learn more about how to market an earned Accreditation. Additionally, those facilities that have earned an ACC accreditation or certification will receive an Accreditation Marketing Kit within three weeks of the date of the announcement of their accreditation/certification status. The kit contains a copy of our Accreditation/Certification Marketing Policy.